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What Clients Are Saying

"Just after a few sessions, Rianne was able to lead me through transformation and self-discovery. With her tools and guidance, I was able to overcome relationship and communication issues in my life that I have struggled with for a very long time.


Before talking with Rianne, I would get anxious thinking about how to resolve the issues I was dealing with. She helped me to sit with my emotions and feel more at ease by settling in and planning out what I want my end results to be.


Working with Rianne was one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself!"


Healthcare Professional

"I was feeling very stuck around career directions, and Rianne offered such skillful, compassionate, and empowering guidance that allowed me to see possibility and opportunity instead of doubt and walls.

Working with her has a ignited a fire in me that I had been trying to start for years. The spiritual development work we have done has left a lasting mark on my heart.


She has provided invaluable tools that have empowered me to dig deeper and gain even more clarity around what I really want, what is driving me, and how I can be of maximum service in the world.


I cannot recommend her as a coach enough!" 


Recovery Wellness / Business Owner

“I started with nine coaching sessions from Rianne over the course of 4 months. When I began I had no clear idea of how to start improving various aspects of my life. Through truly listening and caring, Rianne provided the perfect amount of guidance.


She truly has a gift for pushing people to derive their own solutions without providing the answer. She helped me both define and achieve manageable goals.


During my coaching experience with Rianne, I made a successful career change, improved my spiritual practice, and formed more meaningful interpersonal relationships. I'm happier after these coaching sessions because I better understand what makes me feel fulfilled. I also feel more balanced, less scatterbrained, and I have more clarity about my short and long term goals. It was not only goal setting that Rianne helped me with, but she facilitated a deeper understanding of the value and meaning behind my goals.

Rianne has the unique ability to dive into your headspace and facilitate a deeper understanding of issues and potential solutions. She is non-judgmental, has an extremely high level of emotional intelligence and can truly push you to do better without being overbearing. I was most surprised by the level of self-discovery gained through these coaching sessions. Concepts I assumed to be true my whole life were re-examined and altered. 


If you are struggling with a big decision, daily life or interpersonal relationships, I would highly recommend working with Rianne. I'm a firm believer she can help anyone work through career related issues, interpersonal conflicts and/or spiritual self-discovery. 


Research Coordinator

“As a young female striving to become a professional in a male-dominated field, I found myself constantly second-guessing my actions/decisions, lacking confidence in my abilities, and feeling that I had to prove myself to others. Carrying that weight around became heavy for my mind and anxiety began to replace my passion for my field of work.


It wasn’t until I began working with Rianne that I realized I could accept and let go of that apprehension and uneasiness I so desperately wanted to get rid of. Rianne helped me realize that such feelings exist as lights on a dark road-- that they can serve to guide if you tune into them and listen.


In the three months that Rianne and I worked together on professional and personal development, I began to feel powerful, like someone jumpstarted my heart, mind, body, and soul. I am now excited about my profession and feel a deep sense of gratitude for what I can offer.

Rianne takes her time to build connections with people. Her ability to unite her intuition and spirituality is unparalleled. She is accepting, nurturing, inquisitive, and healing. Working with her was a privilege and I would highly recommend her as a coach!


Consultant / Business Owner


Project Manager / Business Owner

"I think what surprised me the most about our sessions was that Rianne was able to really understand me and create a space where I could open up about myself in a way that I wasn’t able to do before or didn’t want to. Rianne surprised me by asking deep and meaningful questions that led to self-reflection, growth and an overall better sense of self. 

After doing sessions with Rianne, I am more confident not only in the workplace, but in my personal life as well. Before working with her I lacked the confidence to speak in front of a room full of people, in fact I tried everything I could to not draw attention to myself. Now I actually enjoy facilitating meetings and creating a space where people feel safe and comfortable to share their thoughts with the group.


One thing that has helped me immensely in all aspects of life from our sessions has been actively listening to others. It is one thing talk to someone but are you really listening to them? Do they feel heard? A huge part of my job is communication, and this has made me so much more effective at doing that with our partners. 


Before I worked with Rianne, I did not feel empowered to advocate for myself and I was fearful of big personalities and authority figures. Rianne gave me useful communication techniques for how to deal with big personalities that not only helped me to get over my fear, but be able to work successfully with them. As we make our way through this crazy thing called life we get so caught up in our work, relationships, family, bills etc. that we forget to check in with ourselves. This has been the most valuable lesson that Rianne taught me, and is one that I will continue to work on.  

Rianne does an amazing job coming up with a plan that fits your goals (short-term and long-term), schedule, values, strengths and areas of improvement. Rianne did a fantastic job of being flexible with session topics as my goals and skills changed over time which was crucial. Sessions with Rianne are about more than just professional development, they are also about self-discovery and self-worth.

My experience with Rianne was amazing! She was incredibly kind, professional and helpful from pre-session communication all the way through a post-session check-in.


I've never received career/life coaching or a Tarot reading, so I wasn't quite sure what to expect. Rianne made certain we created goals for the session together and that it was tailored to my interest and comfort - and WOW! 10/10 would recommend.


We dove into my personal interests, values and requirements for a career and had an open discussion around how that could present itself in an actual job. She also sent me numerous ideas and resources for how I could progress towards my dream career that we discussed.


After the career discussion, she filled me in on the Tarot reading she had pulled to prepare herself for session with me. For me, this was the most powerful part of the session and helped me gain clarity as to how to move forward and get "un-stuck". I would certainly recommend Rianne to anyone who is making a big decision or feeling like you haven't been able to take the step forward that you've been wanting. She brings connection, even in this era of virtual. Thanks Rianne!


Environmental Conservation / Community-Building

When I first approached Rianne about coaching, I wasn't sure what to expect; I honestly wasn’t even really sure of what I was seeking, I just knew I felt “stuck” and unfulfilled in certain aspects of my life. Rianne helped me gain clarity around the parts of my life that felt meaningless and create a concrete vision of what a purposeful life looked like for me.


Throughout our nine sessions together, I experienced tremendous shifts in my life; I received a title change and pay increase at my job, and when that still didn’t feel quite right, Rianne encouraged and supported me as I accepted a position within an entirely different organization. I now start my work week with a sense of joy and ease, rather than discontentment and dread.


While changing careers was certainly a huge shift, perhaps the most notable gift I received from coaching was the ability to recognize and tune into my body's innate ability to know what is true for me. Rianne helped me master the frequency of my gut/intuition and become much more sensitive to it’s messaging.

I also learned how to set better boundaries, sleep more soundly, protect my energy…I could go on and on!


Coaching with Rianne was the best gift I’ve ever given to myself. I cannot praise and thank her enough.


Integrative Healthcare, Specialist


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