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I help people feel like they're actually living...


Hello! My name is Rianne BeCraft (they/them). I’m a big fan of oxymorons— of phrases like “foolish wisdom” and “seriously funny.”


They wittingly invite us to remember that life - and that we - are composed of many different and sometimes seemingly opposite parts.

One oxymoron I've come up with for myself is:

intuitive pragmatist.

Pragmatic and strategic thinking is an innate mindset for me. It’s a part of my profession, but it feels like a hobby. I have a real knack for helping people get from point A to point B, while making sure to keep the long-term picture of Z in mind.

I also have strong intuitive abilities to help guide people in accessing their higher wisdom every step of the way, so they're living with logic but not only through logic. My clients learn to integrate reason with heart- and intuitively-led approaches to decision-making and daily life so that their world is experienced as more robust.

I offer the services that I do in the exact ways I do  because I believe that I will make the most positive impact I can by helping caring people uplift themselves and then inevitably uplift the world.

What are your seemingly opposite yet

complementary sources of power?


"Rianne has the unique ability to dive into your headspace and facilitate a deeper understanding of issues and potential solutions. She is non-judgmental, has an extremely high level of emotional intelligence and can truly push you to do better without being overbearing.


If you are struggling with a big decision, daily life or interpersonal relationships,

I would highly recommend working with Rianne."


It's all about the right fit! In your search for personal support, it's critical

to find someone who has the appropriate training and feels like a great match.


We'll be an especially good match if you're looking to work with someone who:

  • has both a strategically sharp mind and a deep intuitive and spiritual connection

  • celebrates identities that "don't fit in boxes" and works to combat limiting
    cis-heteronormative ideologies

  • prioritizes uplifting your inner-experiences of life and enhancing your outer world

  • loves to include humor as part of our journey together, and curses as a form of emphasis  :)

Want to learn more about my style?



In earlier days, I traveled through a decade-long career in conflict resolution, natural sciences, and advocacy. Be it planning for climate change adaptation or sustainable water management, I helped large and diverse groups of people identify shared goals for the greater good, and design pathways for achieving those goals. 

As much as I enjoyed the work — I even built a successful business as a full-time consultant, project manager, and facilitator — my absolute favorite part had always been supporting and connecting with people one-on-one or in small groups. 

In these smaller settings, I could more effectively help people gain clarity on their values, belief systems, and best courses of action. I found that when I could help someone have a conversation with their deeper self, they were able to better engage with others and with the important projects at hand.

It became clear to me that real change starts with the individual; that I could make an even stronger impact by dedicating more of my time coaching people at the personal level which, in addition to reading Tarot cards on evenings and weekends, was what had been feeding my soul for years. With an undeniably strong calling, I then transitioned my business with great care and intention into coaching and healing, full-time rather than part-time.

In supporting my clients, I'm thrilled to blend the many realms that have felt like home for me for so long: problem-solving, inner-development, and intuitive and spiritual expansion. 

Today, I marvel at the cycles of our personal lives and selves, and at how we can better nurture them towards abundance!

Want to see what else clients are saying?



I currently live in Olympia, Washington with my wonderful partner and our stoic yet sweet husky-malamute pup, Apollo. Go ahead and say hi to him in the video!


I love to walk through the woods, ride down mountains, and paddle rivers. I can often be found participating in community discussions around social justice and sustainability, and in local LGBTQIA+ gatherings. Bliss also exists for me in coffee shops, which are my favorite places to write! 


Life Coach Certification

Spiritual Coach Certification

Advanced Life Coach Training

Master of Science in Water Resources Policy & Management

Graduate Certificate in Water Conflict Management & Transformation 

Coaching certifications earned through Life Purpose Institute,
a highly regarded and International Coaching Federation accredited program



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