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Certified Coaching                         Tarot  + Oracle Readings                         Guided Practices

Experience inner-fulfillment and enjoy the world around you.


Our sessions will be collaboratively tailored to you and can include a combination of the following modalities in order to achieve optimal results.


Powerful coaching techniques to help you gain clarity on what you value and desire in life. You'll design and execute plans for success, and will use new skills to help you thrive inside and out!

Especially beneficial for: Identifying your true values and desires; developing plans and better-serving patterns


Self-empowering Tarot and oracle card readings to help you better understand yourself, your circumstances, and effective ways to achieve your desired outcomes. 

Especially beneficial for: Exploring important nuances about you/your life that deserve more (or less) attention


Outcome-oriented, guided visual meditations to lead to major clarity and breakthroughs. The diverse parts of yourself will communicate and come into alignment with each other!

Especially beneficial for: Making difficult decisions; mending inner-wounds; finding inner-liberation


Intuitively channeled messages that are meant to be shared with you. These messages, which I hear and see, frequently help expedite journeys of healing and reaching self-aligned goals.

Especially beneficial for: Receiving timely "nudges in the right direction"; expanding your spiritual connections


“I started with nine sessions from Rianne over the course of 4 months.

When I began I had no clear idea of how to start improving various aspects of my life.

Through truly listening and caring, Rianne provided the perfect amount of guidance.

She truly has a gift for pushing people to derive their own solutions, without providing them the answer.

She helped me both define and achieve manageable goals.


During my experience with Rianne I made a successful career change, improved my spiritual practice,

and formed more meaningful interpersonal relationships. From personal experience,

I can highly recommend Rianne’s coaching services."



Embodied confidence and self-love

​Intuitive and spiritual expansion

Career growth and strategy

LGBTQIA+ related issues

Interpersonal communications

(at home and at work)

Building healthy relationships

Overcoming overwhelm and burnout

This might be just what I'm looking for!

What are the benefits?



Enjoy inner-liberation and an enriched experience of life!

Option #1: Session Series (Individual)


  • 60-minute sessions held over Zoom, every other week-ish with flexible scheduling options

  • Option to invest upfront or pay-as-you-go (no added fees)

  • Discounted sliding scale spaces are available for those who are black, indigenous, and/or a person of color (BIPOC), no questions asked

What to Expect:

  • Laughter (I promise!), looking at difficult emotions that will serve you greatly, and roaring empowerment

  • A blend of multiple modalities for highest effect, as described above

  • A combined focus on internal breakthroughs (such as liberating thought patterns, release of emotional burdens, elevating your self-worth) as well as external success (such as cultivating happier relationships, healthier routines, a more self-aligned career).

Bonuses Included:

  • Self-designed steps to ensure continual support and accountability from yourself and others to help you reach your goals. This includes optional text or email check-ins from me in-between sessions. Clients frequently report that this built-in accountability helps them make great strides!

  • An easy and effective e-tool that I've designed to help you successfully change internal and external habits for the better, in-between sessions

  • Prior to each session, I will meditate around your energy to receive any messages from higher-guidance that are ready for you!


Option #2: Session Series (Two Confidants)

Format:   ​​

  • Over the course of four months, you and your chosen Confidant (e.g., a best friend, a close family member, a partner) will each benefit from: Six 60-minute one-on-one sessions with me, and three 120-minute"Confidant" sessions with the three of us joined together (60-minutes focused on you, and 60-minutes focused on them). All sessions are virtual and held on Zoom.

  • Option to invest upfront or pay-as-you-go (no added fees), and to pay separately or together

  • Discounted sliding scale spaces are available for those who are black, indigenous, and/or a person of color (BIPOC), no questions asked

What to Expect:

  • All of the above for "Option #1,"including full privacy and confidentiality within your six one-on-one sessions

  • During the three Confidant Sessions, the majority of our time will be spent on interactions with me, and there will be well-timed moments for positive input from your Confidant (and vice versa)! You'll doubly benefit by:

    • Receiving additional insight from your trusted Confidant who knows you well! For example:  What are the positive traits people see in you, that you need to also see in yourself?, and

    • Witnessing your Confidant's epiphanies and inner-transformations, which will serve your own personal reflections, learnings, and inspirations.

  • A deeper heart-felt connection will be built between you and your Confidant. You will receive the gifts of being even more clearly "seen" as who you genuinely are, and of more clearly seeing your Confidant as who they are.

  • To help build a shared space of trust, respect, and love during our Confidant Sessions, you two will co-design and commit to personalized "duo agreements" for this shared journey.

Bonuses Included:

  • ​All bonuses shown under "Option #1"and expedited progress through the benefits listed above


"Rianne does an amazing job coming up with a plan that fits your goals (short-term and long-term),

schedule, values, strengths and areas of improvement.


She did a fantastic job of being flexible with session topics, which was crucial,

as my goals and skills changed over time."

What else are clients saying?


Book a complimentary and

obligation-free call today.

We'll discuss what you're looking for support around, and I'll answer any questions you have about working together!


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